Garage conversions start with the removal of the garage door, then a deep foundation is excavated to carry the load of the new front wall which in turn is toothed into the original brickwall to produce a neat and tidy finish that fronts your property.

A high energy rating window is then installed to match the existing house windows and further enhance the look of your property.





The existing garage floor is likely to be strong enough for general domestic use but it will need to be upgraded in terms of damp proofing and thermal insulation.

A solid concrete floor or a timber finish can be achieved with the addition of good quality insulation.


The walls are studded internally and warmly insulated along with extra insulation in the roof space.

Finishing Trades:

Electrics, plumbing and plastering are then finished to a very high standard of workmanship and we can even decorate the new room if required, so as we ‘move out’ you move straight in.



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