Stay Cool

STAYCOOL glass has been proven to reduce conservatory temperatures on hot summer days by 20°f when compared with Pilkington K and anti-sun bronze glass..

STAYCOOL glass uses the latest glass technology to reflect 78% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory roof glass. The frames also incorporate solar control double glazing and the roof has double glazing with a “u” value of 1.0 – Double glazing with just Pilkington K glass will lose 80% more heat than STAYCOOL roof glass.

STAYCOOL roof glass is self cleaning using the rain to clean the glass and reducing the glare of the sun by 68%. Staycool glass offers the best protection against UV light with the roof glass providing 94% protection and the vertical glazing nearly 30% more protection than standard glass.



Edwardian Conservatory in LingfieldCOOLER IN SUMMER: Reflects up to 78% of the sun’s heat, keeping the conservatory cooler in the summer.

WARMER IN WINTER: Double glazing with just Pilkington K glass will lose 80% more heat through the roof glass in winter.

AN ALL YEAR ROOM: Reduces up to 68% of the sun’s glare, maximising visual comfort on the brightest of days. Like sunglasses for your roof!

SELF CLEANING ROOF: Permanent self cleaning coating for the roof glass that reduces the need for manual cleaning.

94% UV PROTECTION: Roof glass virtually eliminates UV light.




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